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Crawfish Agriculture in the South

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"... Southern Regional Aquaculture Center - Product 319 - Details of the crawfish farming methods presently used in Louisiana and Southern Texas are shown. Also presents information from stocking through harvest.The work reported in this publication was supported in part by the Southern Regional Aquaculture Center through Grant No. 2006 38500 16977 from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service (CSREES)".

Kanye deconstructed: Human voice as the ultimate instrument.

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"Kanye West's music orbits around the power and flexibility of the human voice..."

From ...

Rogue One - A Pixar Story

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"Pixar's most-beloved characters (Merida, Mike, Buzz Lightyear) set a risky goal to capture Dr. Porkchop spaceship setting up an incredible saga to follow. Prepare yourself! This is 'Rogue One: A Pixar Story'..."

What Vint Cerf Would Do Differently

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An anonymous Slashdot reader quotes ComputerWorld: Vint Cerf is considered a father of the internet, but that doesn't mean there aren't things he would do differently if given a fresh chance to create it all over again. "If I could have justified it, putting in a 128-bit address space would have been nice so we wouldn't have to go through this painful, 20-year process of going from IPv4 to IPv6," Cerf told an audience of journalists Thursday... For security, public key cryptography is another thing Cerf would like to have added, had it been feasible. Trouble is, neither idea is likely to have made it into the final result at the time. "I doubt I could have gotten away with either one," said Cerf, who won a Turing Award in 2004 and is now vice president and chief internet evangelist at Google. "So today we have to retrofit... If I could go back and put in public key crypto, I probably would try." Vint Cerf answered questions from Slashdot users back in 2011.

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'Transformer' BMW Turns Into A Giant Robot

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An anonymous Slashdot reader quotes Motherboard: Real-life Transformers are apparently already a thing thanks to a Turkish company called Letvision. They can't do battle with Decepticons, but they can turn their heads from side to side and move their arms and fingers and, erm, shoot smoke from between their legs. Oh, and they can do the whole changing from a 2013 BMW to an upright robot bit [video]. That's pretty cool, too. But of course there's a catch. Each of the four available Transformers (which Letvision gave the copyright-friendly name of "Letrons") has a functional steering wheel, but you can only "drive" them remotely because Letvision stuffed the seating spaces with the hydraulics and electronics needed for the conversion. Letvision's demo video has the clever title "Rise of LETRONS", and shows the vehicle spontaneously beginning its transformation after a newscaster announces, "Our country is under invasion by extraterrestrials."

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Moving Beyond Flash: the Yahoo HTML5 Video Player

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Slashdot reader theweatherelectric writes: Over on Streaming Media, Amit Jain from Yahoo has written a behind-the-scenes look at the development of Yahoo's HTML5 video player. He writes, "Adobe Flash, once the de-facto standard for media playback on the web, has lost favor in the industry due to increasing concerns over security and performance. At the same time, requiring a plugin for video playback in browsers is losing favor among users as well. As a result, the industry is moving toward HTML5 for video playback... At Yahoo, our video player uses HTML5 across all modern browsers for video playback. In this post we will describe our journey to providing an industry-leading playback experience using HTML5, lay out some of the challenges we faced, and discuss opportunities we see going forward." Yet another brick in the wall? YouTube and Twitch have already switched to HTML5, and last year Google started automatically converting Flash ads to HTML5.

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Pr?sai preview

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I'm happy to introduce to you new faction, the Prussians!

Google Open Sources Its Image-Captioning AI

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An anonymous Slashdot reader quotes ZDNet: Google has open-sourced a model for its machine-learning system, called Show and Tell, which can view an image and generate accurate and original captions... The image-captioning system is available for use with TensorFlow, Google's open machine-learning framework, and boasts a 93.9 percent accuracy rate on the ImageNet classification task, inching up from previous iterations. The code includes an improved vision model, allowing the image-captioning system to recognize different objects in images and hence generate better descriptions. An improved image model meanwhile aids the captioning system's powers of description, so that it not only identifies a dog, grass and frisbee in an image, but describes the color of grass and more contextual detail.

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Even More New Photos From “Assassin’s Creed”

Dark Horizons - 7 hours 8 min ago

Total Film magazine have released a new issue which puts the focus on Justin Kurzel’s “Assassin’s Creed” film adaptation and included a bunch of new stills which you can see below. The film itself opens December 21st.

Michael Fassbender stars in the film as Callum Lynch who, through a revolutionary technology that unlocks his genetic memories, is able to experience the adventures of his ancestor Aguilar in 15th Century Spain.

Callum discovers he is descended from a mysterious secret society, the Assassins, and amasses incredible knowledge and skills to take on the oppressive and powerful Templar organization in the present day. Marion Cotillard, Michael K. Williams, Jeremy Irons and Brendan Gleeson also star.

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Bay Explains That “Transformers” Nazi Scene

Dark Horizons - 7 hours 9 min ago

This week’s kerfuffle over the use of Winston Churchill’s Blenheim Palace birthplace as a Nazi headquarters for the upcoming “Transformers: The Last Knight” brought to light something unexpected – that this fifth film in the series will include a World War 2 setting.

We previously knew that the movie would take place in both contemporary and medieval times, but the inclusion of the 1940s era was a surprise. The tabloids tried to spark reaction over the disrespect to the use of Churchill’s home as a Nazi stronghold, but Michael Bay has since spoken with BBC News and dismissed their faux outrage:

“There’s a thing I saw in the paper today about Blenheim and I just want to say people were not fortunate enough to read the script and they don’t know that Churchill in this movie is a big hero. And Churchill would be smiling about last night… When you see the movie you’ll understand and I’m for one, probably more than any director in the world, shot more veterans and more active military men and women in my movies. And you can actually look it up. Ok? I would do nothing to disrespect veterans.”

This could also imply there’s more than just flashbacks but potential time travel elements in the new film which will soon wrap production ahead of a release in June next year.

.@michaelbay thanks the @RoyalFamily for letting us use their driveway. #transformers

— #TRANSFORMERS (@transformers) September 24, 2016

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Oculus Loses Developer Support Over Politics

Dark Horizons - 7 hours 10 min ago

There’s something of a war for control of VR in living rooms at the moment. On the low-cost end is Sony’s upcoming PSVR, on the high-cost end is HTC’s Vive system. Right in the middle though is the one that started the new wave – the Oculus Rift. Now though the VR company is facing its biggest PR concern since its acquisition by Facebook a few years ago.

On Thursday it was revealed that Palmer Luckey, the creator of the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, had made an apparent $10,000 donation to a pro-Donald Trump nonprofit group called Nimble America. Said group is known for producing anti-Clinton memes to spread online and their stated goal is to be a ‘non-profit dedicated to s—posting in real life’. S—posting refers to generating deliberately defamatory or offensive content with no value other than promoting division and inflaming the already aggressive political discourse.

As a result, several Oculus Rift game developers have said they will distance themselves from the platform because of Luckey’s political involvement. Ars Technica and according to IGN have rounded up quotes from several gaming studios with Polytron (“Fez”), Kokoromi (“SuperHyperCube”), Tomorrow Today Labs and Scruta Games along with developers like Augustin Cordes (“Asylum”) who suggest or outright state they will pull Oculus support for their games until Luckey steps down.

Luckey himself has backtracked a bit, denying he was responsible for some Reddit posts attributed to him by the Daily Beast (the outlet has since fired back with alleged proof they were) and saying he’s voting for Libertarian Gary Johnson in an apology he’s posted to Facebook.

There’s going to be more to this story as it develops.

Source: Fortune

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“Magnificent Seven” Easily Tops The Box-Office

Dark Horizons - 7 hours 11 min ago

MGM & Sony’s “The Magnificent Seven” was just that at the box-office this weekend with the film coming in first place and taking in an estimated $35 million haul. Antoine Fuqua helmed the $90 million budget film which received an A- CinemaScore from audiences, a better reaction than critics who’ve been decidedly mixed.

Warners’ $70 million budget animated feature “Storks” came in second place with $21.8 million and also received an A- CinemaScore from audiences. Slipping to third was “Sully” which added a further $13.8 million in its third weekend to push its domestic total to $92.4 million.

“Bridget Jones’s Baby” came in fourth with $4.5 million and Oliver Stone’s “Snowden” was fifth with $4.1 million. In limited release, Disney’s “Queen of Katwe” received a stellar A+ CinemaScore, but made just $305,000 from 52 screens. The film is expected to expand domestically next weekend.

Source: Variety

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News Bits: League, Land, Rebel, 1988, Mashups

Dark Horizons - 7 hours 12 min ago

Justice League
With filming on Zack Snyder’s “Justice League” wrapping shortly, one of the film’s stars Henry Cavill has used Facebook to post a photo of two special guests who came to the set of the film courtesy of the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Cavill wrote: “I had the good fortune of meeting some real Superheroes last week. Orin, your strength is exceptional and Summer your support is a rock that is irreplaceable. You are both inspirations to us all.” [Source: Facebook]

La La Land
Damien Chazelle’s romantic musical “La La Land” has been delayed by a week. The film will now open in limited release on December 9th, though the wide release date remains December 16th.

The film was screened in recent weeks at Telluride, Venice and Toronto where it not only won awards and rave reviews, but is expected to be a major Oscar season contender. The story follows a Los Angeles couple whose relationship begins to fade as their careers blossom. [Source: Variety]

American Rebel
Pascal Pictures has acquired Christopher Cosmos’ spec script “American Rebel”. The true story tale is dubbed ‘an American Mulan’ and follows Deborah Sampson, who risked her life during the Revolutionary War by disguising herself as a man and joining the Continental Army.

Her secret was discovered after falling ill to an epidemic in Philadelphia and passing out at the hospital after almost two years in service. Eventually she was honorably discharged, had a family and went on a lecture tour. Amy Pascal and Adam Kolbrenner will produce with Sony Pictures likely to distribute. [Source: Deadline]

Universal Pictures has scored the rights to Joe Hill’s novella “Snapshot 1988”. Mike Flanagan and Jeff Howard (“Before I Wake”) are in talks to write the script for the film adaptation for Akiva Goldsman’s Weed Road and Jason Blum’s Blumhouse.

Set in 1988 and said to have an Amblin movie and “Stranger Things” vibe, the story centers on a 13-year old boy who ends up taking care of his elderly former housekeeper who is succumbing to dementia. What he’s unaware of is that an evil man named The Phoenician is stealing her memories with a camera. [Source: THR]

Mash Up Videos
Every now and then video mashups of different films go viral, this week two have done so that have gotten some serious traction. The first blends “Suicide Squad” with the recent “Fifty Shades Darker” trailer, the second takes Pixar film footage and recuts it to the “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” trailer. Both can be found below:

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