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Updated: 6 hours 46 min ago

"ORLEGI" 2010

6 hours 47 min ago

Orlegi is about a little girl and her friend going on an adventure to find and restore the color green (orlegi in Basque) in a dying forest.

Animated traditionally in Flash
Backgrounds painted traditionally in gouache on watercolor paper

"Orlegi" is my grad film from Sheridan. Copyright 2010.

Cast: Angela An

Tags: animation, film, samurai jack, mary blair, short film, flash, student, sheridan, cartoon, traditional, forest, design and cute

denial of service - Onry?

7 hours 25 min ago

denial of service - Onry? (official music video)
all sound & vision^ by the denial.of.service ©2016-17

- theCreatorsProject /VICE feature >
- STASH feature >

* Contour & Shape /Onry? EP * tbr 1st qtr 2017 on 12'' vinyl / FILM Schallplatten /Berlin
gear used:
- 3DSMax / VRay, FumeFX, Processing 3.x, Max-Jitter, Ready, After Effects, PFTrack
- Ableton Live, NI FM8/Kontakt/Reaktor, Eventide Suite, GForce Suite, Sound Forge /Waves, Roland TR808 /TR606 /SH101, Clavia NL IIx, Doepfer A100 /MSQ16-3, Yamaha CS10

production & making of stills:
most of the reaction-diffusion sequences were created in Max/Jitter courtesy of Paul Fennell's generosity and ultra-efficient & mathematically/chemically correct open-source code which I'd modified to suit. - some were concocted on Ready. most overlays were the result of copious P3.x multiscale Turing noise patterns experimentation, as well as, sonifications courtesy of Tomasz Sulej.
certain parts of this piece make use of motion reference (extracted vectors /OpticalFlow), as well as, ^processed sequences from Susi Sie's seminal & highly inspirational motion work "Soundscapes" / by kind permission.

- Reaction–diffusion systems
- Paul Fennell
Susi Sie | SIE (visual artist)
-Tomasz Sulej
- Onry?

Cast: denial of service and Susi Sie

Tags: music video, promo, cyber, denial of service, electronic, reaction diffusion, Max Jitter, Processing, PFTrack, 3DS max, After Effects, editing, simulation, glitch, sonification, digital art, cybernetic, industrial, cyborg and Onry?

How Nature Documentaries Are Fake

Tue, 04/25/2017 - 4:01pm

Everyone loves BBC's Planet Earth, but how much of it is real?

More videos:
Host and Creator - Simon Cade
Assistant Editor - Jamie McKernan

Graded with FilmConvert - 10% off:
(I earn a commission from purchases ^^)


Cast: DSLRguide

Tags: bbc planet earth, nature documentary, documentary fake, planet earth ii, filmmaking, techniques, planet earth 2, simon cade and dslrguide

THAT WILL BE THE DAY // Aldo Aréchar

Fri, 04/21/2017 - 3:01pm

'THAT WILL BE THE DAY' is an audio/visual collaboration between composer Aldo Aréchar and motion graphics artist Matthew DiVito AKA Mr. Div (

Download the song 'That Will Be The Day' for FREE as part of Aldo Aréchar's new EP 'I' now available here:

All animation was created in Cinema 4D and After Effects.

For more information on Aldo Aréchar check out his website ( or Facebook (

Cast: Matthew DiVito

Tags: aldo arechar, matthew divito, mr div, that will be the day, orchestral, classical, retro, vintage, geometric, retro future, sci fi, space and hyper dimensional vortex

The Birth Of A Dugout Canoe by Northmen

Fri, 04/21/2017 - 10:14am

This is a documentary movie uncovering the difficult and time consuming process of making traditional expanded dugout canoe using mostly traditional hand tools and techniques.

The master woodworker in this movie is Richard (Rihards Vidzickis) - an experienced green wood worker, wood sculptor and dugout canoe maker. Richard’s passion to green wood and solid wood creations has grown together with him since his childhood days. Richard’s father is also a wood worker and carpenter and has led his son into the beautiful world of working with wood. Richard has gone through all the traditional steps of becoming a master woodworker - starting from an apprentice, then journeyman and then receiving his Master degree in Latvian chamber of crafts. Richard’s passion to wood is not only sculpturing and carving it but also knowing the wood in a scientific level. So Richard has studied in Technical university as a student and reached his degree of Doctor in engineering materials science, so he has combined the craft, nature and science in his life and work. While working in furniture making during the studies, with making different kinds of difficult wood carving for Jugend, Barrocal, Renesance design style furniture, Richard has discovered that he tends to get back to more rustic, robust and natural forms of wood, so he created a park of massive wooden sculptures, wood crafts museum and live workshop where Richard lives and creates wooden bowls, plates, boats and accepts visitors to share his work and lifestyle.

Music - Alan Gogoll, Jason Lowe “When a River Parts”.
Sound - Gints Sola
Camera, edit - Jacob (Northmen Guild)

Revive the guild!

Cast: Northmen

Tags: wood carving, dugout canoe, canoe making, hand tools, green woodworking, vienko?u parks, northmen guild, boat building, craftsmanship, craftsman, northmen, kokamatniec?bas muzejs, traditional crafts, craft, vienko?i, rihards vidzickis, traditional woodworking, latvia, nature and guild