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Ant's Vimeo Likes - Fri, 03/20/2015 - 5:03pm

Experimental project using Xbox One Kinect for motion data capture.
Making of:

Official website here

Music and Direction : Maria Takeuchi
Visuals and Direction : Frederico Phillips
Performance Artist : Shiho Tanaka
Camera Filming / Support : Samuel Blalark
Camera equipment : Jason Guerrero

Cast: Maria Takeuchi

Tags: motion, motion capture, mocap, emu, kinect, particles, dance, performance, 3d, cg, animation, houdini, 3dsmax, maya, audiovisual, technology, art and brekel

ISPs Worry About FCC's 'Future Conduct' Policing

Recent /. Posts - Fri, 03/20/2015 - 4:14pm
jfruh (300774) writes "In the wake of the FCC passing net neutrality rules, the federal agency now has the authority to keep an eye on ISPs 'future conduct,' to prevent them from even starting to implement traffic-shaping plans that would violate net neutrality. Naturally, this has a lot of ISPs feeling nervous." From the article: The net neutrality rules, beginning on page 106, outline a process for staff to give advisory opinions to broadband providers who want to run a proposed business model past the agency before rolling it out. But those advisory opinions won’t have the weight of an official commission decision. The FCC’s Enforcement Bureau will be able to reconsider, rescind or revoke those advisory opinions, and the commission itself will be able to overrule them, according to the order. “It’s unclear what you’re supposed to do when you have a new innovation or a new service,” the telecom lobbyist said. “There’s just a lot of ambiguity.” Even the Electronic Frontier Foundation, one of the most vocal proponents of strong net neutrality rules, urged the commission to jettison its future conduct standard.

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