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Your overlord played and finished Diablo 3 stress test!

Yay, no working overtime/OT this weekend for your tired overlord to finally play it as a big Diablo games fan, but as a female barbarian solo. It took about 3.75 hours, with one pee/urinate break, to finish the beta due to detailed exploration and destructions of everything! Gameplay time went from about 10:15 PM PDT to 1:45 AM PDT! It was fun. No time to check out its multiplayer, but did try a quick join and got a bunch asian players due to their asian character names. Heh. There were nice little touches here and there in the game. Your overlord did not like the new skills tree. No identifications until the full game. The characters' audio narrations, random talkings, etc. were nice.

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The Old Ways We Explained New Tech(nology)

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BuzzFeed shares "The Old Ways We Explained New Tech(nology) -- When a technology is still new, reporters can't mention it without explaining it. Here's how the The New York Times (NYT) first tech-splained the most important new inventions of the last 135 years ..."

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Special Effects & The Empire Strikes Back Documentary from the 1980.

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VideoSift shares a 48.25 minutes YouTube video documentary, with Japanese subtitles from the 1980, showing special effects