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Ugh, crappy Monday...

Didn't sleep well, pissy kingy, urgent work piled up in the afternoon before lunch break, BUSY day, later work hours, etc. Ugh. :(

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A Heaven Joke...

Whittier Area Church (WACC)'s Pastor Bill Ankerberg told a funny joke this morning during his sermon. It went something like this (not exact wordings):

Jesus came to Heaven and saw It was overcrowded.

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"Why does a chicken coop only have 2/two doors?" ...

... "Because if it had four/4, it would be chicken sedan".

A cheesy funny joke from Reddit.

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Ant's Christmas 2013 and Birthday 2014 Wish/Want Lists.

Ahh, another year. Minor changes from previous years. No specific orders.

  • Peace, healthiness, <3, and happiness for everyone including the old overlord.
  • Way less/No problems (technical, family, health, etc.).
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Today is a bad computing day for your worker ant...

  • zImage's outgoing domain name connections failed twice even with its own domain name. So nothing could goes out like e-mails, web, pings, etc. without their domain names.
  • EarthLink's domain name also went down and was not connectable from work, home, etc.
  • Work's Apple Mac Mini decided to not start a virtual machine (VM) with its Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) image. Rebooting the host machine got stuck and had to require a power cycle.
  • After the "wude" reboot, host's updated Mac OS X 10.7.5 (Lion) said the wireless/Bluetooth keyboard's battery juice is low (13% [a bad luck number!]).
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A dessert joke...

... was heard and shared this morning on the way to your overlord's almost monthly dentist appointment (dang exposed hurting teeth again :(!). From your overlord's stupid/dumb brain (might be wrong :P), the local talk radio host was talking about a dessert that had oysters inside. The receiver said it was gross/disgusting or something. The other person asked who gave it to him. He said it was from his mother in law. The other person said he better eat it then.

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Today should have been Thanksgiving instead of next week's Thursday. :P

Bahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Also, not Thanks God, It's Thursday (TGIT) like the last two weeks. Darn plan changes due to ride and family issues. :(

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A lone(ly) pubic hair...

... Your old overlord has one between his belly button and groin area. Getting rid of its root still grows back. Argh. Stupid body defects/features! :P

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"Death is nature's way of saying 'Howdy'."

From a random fortune and from 'people' on DSL/BroadbandReports.

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It was really red outside of your overlord's nest for the sunrise.

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Your old ant just almost pooped in pants and underwear!

Your old queen ant scared her only offspring when was walking to the nest's bathroom in the dark to poop, a normal daily routine. Your old scared offspring ant almost pooped in underwear and pants instead of the potty!

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Slow CATurday?

Weird. Today's time is moving very slowly today. It's only 10:55 AM PST. It feels a lot longer than six/6 hours since your early bird/insect woke up. :P

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Just like your young insect's public high school days...

During yesterday's funeral's huge post meal (very late lunch/very early dinner), your ant noticed KABC-TV's showed a huge satanic/evil 666 on one of the restaurant's muted high definition television (HDTV).

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It's too bright! Argh!!

/me gets blind by the bright light from the sun. Please bring back daylight saving time (DST)! :(

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Yesterday's hump day...

... was crap. Urgent/Emergency work tasks came up during your hungry insect's lunch time, BUSY day including late ride and overtime (OT), tired/sleepy due to lack of good sleep, family issues, forgot to tell computer software to record 8:00 PM PDT for Arrow, LaMers lost big, Boston Sox won World Series, etc.

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A brief "Chivalry: Medieval Warfare" game review.

Blue's News mentioned another free weekend of "Chivalry: Medieval Warfare" game on Steam. Your old gamer did try this game back in January 2013, but was unable to play it during its first free weekend due to technical problems like video, ran out of time, etc. At about 11:30 AM PDT this mawning, your overlord decided to try again after downloading it during late breakfast and wash tasks. Your overlord expected problems so 1.5 hours was enough before the 1:00 PM PDT expiration deadline.

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Too many close deaths these days.

... Wow, your overlord found out that the king's and queen's church friends' husband passed away on Monday due to his cancer. Sheesh, too many deaths these days including the possible upcoming grandking's that could be any day.

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Ugh, a white nostril hair.

Your old worker ant just noticed it at work. :(

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Dentist week?

Weird. Everyone is doing their dentist appointments this week. Mousey did his this mawning, my king ant yesterday, and your worker ant's boss right now! Is this week a dentist week or something? Your hurting insect should had done the two different dentists for this week's to join the fun too. :P~

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What a nightmare dream...

... that your worker ant was being laid off after eleven/11 years being employed at the current employer. Good thing it wasn't real. Or maybe that's the predicted one for the future.

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