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I hate tonight! -- 2.5 hours commute, my lamp, and Bard's Tale demo installer.

Gah, I hate tonight! I needed to rant in here. :(

1. My commute home was almost 2.5 hours! That's a new record in my three years of work commutes with Symantec! It took almost 15 minutes to drive one mile on local street to hit the freeway. Plus, it is Spring Break! It supposed to be less traffic! Stupid rain and humans who can't drive! RAIN, PLEASE GO AWAY ON THE REGULAR BUSINESS DAYS. Actually, go away humans too. I didn't get home until 9:30 PM! The freeway was STILL crawling at 9 PM! ARGH! We need a working teleporters, and I don't care if I get mutations! :P

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"Rain, rain, please go away and come back another day..."

Another reason why I hate this rain (El Nino?). It is driving me and others bonker!

  1. The house's two phone lines are jacked up! The second one, for dial-up and Fax machine, has no dial tone!! First line has major noises (beeping and crackles). Ack!
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Happy Chinese New Year/Gung Xi Fa Tsai (Rooster) & Please Pray for Arimus...

It's the first day of Chinese New Year (Rooster) that lasts 15 days. Arimus had to go to ER for the third time recently. He is having severe dehyrdration, and the doctors don't know what is causing it.

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Wow, Santa Monica lost its power tonight!

My ride was about to take off with me tonight after 7:05 PM PST. While my ride driver was fiddling with his cellular phone, PDA, or something, I noticed things got darker. I thought it was the lights in the car, but it was outside! Woah, things got dark. A few places still had lights on. The streets got VERY congested due to the power outage. At the 10 east freeway, it was jammed. Traffic lights were blinking red lights. I noticed apartment buildings still had lights. Weird night. It took about 1.5 hours to get home. [sighs] Even the traffic reports guy said there was a power outage affecting the commutes at the end of the commute. :(

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The duck mate will die after its mate died/got killed...

Now, this was interesting and I didn't know this was a fact. It was also worth putting this blog on AQFL's front page! ;)

I was listening to an audio clip from yesterday's Insight for Living (1/13/2005) on the way home from work (1.75 hours commute!) with my father, and heard Chuck Swindoll sharing a story related to the remarriage sermon (didn't listen to the whole episode since I am not married yet!).

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Welcome to 2005!

We're already on the third day for U.S.A. Nothing exciting happening. I am enjoying the last rest day. Hoepfully, this year will be better than last year.

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Happy Holidays!

Season's Greetings! Catch you all in 2005 where AQFL will be bigger and better (I hope). :)

Small rant: Blah, dial-up... Being on dial-up sucks butt. Oh well... :(

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Blah. Does anyone else have problems with their parent(s) fighting with their own parent(s) all the times when they interact (e.g., meet in person, phone calls, etc.)? This is usually not in public obviously (e.g., restaurants). Geez, so annoying!! In my whole life (almost 30 years), my father loves to fight with his sibblings and parents. It drives my mother, me, and others up the wall! This is why I dislike going to my dad's family.

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I (Ant) am officially a full-time worker ant and...

Symantec finally decided to hire me full-time after 2.6 years (seems a lot longer; I met a few co-workers who took four years!). Not only that, I was also promoted to Sr. (Señor -- err wait, I meant Senior! :P) Software Quality Assurance (SQA) Analyst from previous title which didn't have Senior.

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i don't have a blog. I think they're dumb. Enjoy.

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