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Happy Holidays!

Season's Greetings! Catch you all in 2005 where AQFL will be bigger and better (I hope). :)

Small rant: Blah, dial-up... Being on dial-up sucks butt. Oh well... :(

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Blah. Does anyone else have problems with their parent(s) fighting with their own parent(s) all the times when they interact (e.g., meet in person, phone calls, etc.)? This is usually not in public obviously (e.g., restaurants). Geez, so annoying!! In my whole life (almost 30 years), my father loves to fight with his sibblings and parents. It drives my mother, me, and others up the wall! This is why I dislike going to my dad's family.

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I (Ant) am officially a full-time worker ant and...

Symantec finally decided to hire me full-time after 2.6 years (seems a lot longer; I met a few co-workers who took four years!). Not only that, I was also promoted to Sr. (Señor -- err wait, I meant Senior! :P) Software Quality Assurance (SQA) Analyst from previous title which didn't have Senior.

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How well do you know me?

Take a short quiz online. Please post your nickname so I check the results later. You don't need to enter a valid e-mail address.

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i don't have a blog. I think they're dumb. Enjoy.

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