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My Star Wars meets RoboCop dream...

A couple nights ago, I had a dream that I was watching a new Star Wars movie. I would assume it was a newer one because Darth Vader was in it. Anyways...

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Ugh, what a long dentist appointment this morning...

Wow, two blogs in one day (24 hours)!

Blah. I had 4-5 teeth (some black cavities) drilled during this morning's 1.5 hours monthly dentist appointment (probably a record that doesn't include orthodontist. Now, my mouth feels and tastes weird. I say just get rid of all of these teeth except my front ones to avoid annoying pain that comes and goes. :(

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Me, as a kid, and this black kitty...

After getting my daily Cute Overload fix, I saw this specific photograph of the day. It gave me a flashback from my childhood days. When I was little (maybe 5 years old?), I was chasing this black cat in my parents' friend house. I think I got too close to the cat and it scratched and bit(?) my face. I cried. :(

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Getting older sucks. :(

Ahhh, another time for a new blog but it is a short and I wanted to rant. Easter 2006 is over now. :)

I noticed as I get older (3.38 decades now), the less free time I have to have fun like watching movies, play computer games, etc. I don't even have a mate (girlfriend/wife) and I am having problems finding lack of free time to have fun and relax. I can't imagine what happens with my time if I got a mate and then had a kid. Heh! Oh well, I guess this is a good thing since everyone else is getting hitched, having kids, or whatever. It will keep me busy and occupied. :P

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A funny Internet Relay Chat (IRC) log today...

02:49PM [ulic] theshadow: ?
02:51PM [theshadow] Shellee was blow-drying her hair and made our power shut off :-/
02:51PM [ulic] theshadow: HEHE
[02:51pm] [WorkerAnt] hhahahahahaha
[02:51pm] * WorkerAnt claps for Shellee
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This is why I, Ant, don't drink alcohol and rarely go parties...

An excellent 27.5 minutes sermon from Chuck Swindoll's Insight for Living today, 3/13/2006. Just because I am not like the rest of the crowd for drinking, getting drunk, sleeping with strangers (e.g., women) and partying (I prefer Local Access Network (LAN) parties, but I haven't gone to one since Y2K) doesn't make me weird. I would consider them weird if they consider me weird. I don't even like the taste of alcohol (makes me vomit) and hate the results.

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A funny PowerPoint presentation slide message...

This morning I was reading a co-worker's PowerPoint slide presentation file and saw this in his last slide: "You may now return to your cubes and sulk." Too bad I wasn't there to hear the audience's reactions. :)

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"I am hard to get sick..."

OK time for a new story/blog about my life!

I was sick since Friday night with a nasty cold/flu (more of a cold I think) since I was aching, had ringing head, leaking nose, sneezing, mucuous, etc. No cough and sore throat like my parents. Yes, we are ALL physically sick! Dad got it first! However, he thinks I have a different cold. Whatever. :P

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I had a weird LOTR dream last night...

This is related to Lord of the Ring.

Heh, basically it began at work. A co-worker told me he had "the one" ring. He offered me it to see if I would turn evil and go crazy because no one else could wear it because of the ill effects. So, I told him and others to pull my ring off my finger (pull my finger?) if it happens to me. So, I tried it on and nothing bad happened! So, I kept wearing it.

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Ant's Want/Wish list for Christmas 2005 & Birthday 2006

I am going to use this blog as my want/wish list for Christmas in 2005 and my birthday in 2006. If you can't think of anything to get me (no money please -- that gets old and I have a job!), then you can get me World of Warcraft game cards! You can buy them from Amazon, Electronic Boutiques, Best Buy, and many other places.

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There goes my $1K! I'm broke again...

Dang, there goes my $1K! I'm broke again. :( I just bought a new hearing aid today.

Heh, it is the same exact model (Oticon 380P) from seven years ago. They sure don't improve these analog hearing aids compared to the digital ones BAHA (Bone Anchored Hearing Aids) ones that go in the head and crap). The audiologist told me that cleaning the hole(s) on my head have to be cleaned and can get infections if not cleaned properly. That doesn't sound fun. It is a new technology that came a couple years ago. Also, people with who had analog and are using digital don't notice much and even say it sounds softer. However, noises and interferences (e.g., cellular phones) are less. Heh, I think I will stick with my old analog hearing aid one for now. I will wait a bit to see what else future brings. My hearing is stable. Hurray!

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All done with my summer work 2005 project! NSW 2006 products are golden!

Yeehaw! I finally have my life back after almost four months.

My big and long work project, for 2005, is finally done! Oy, working too many hours from early June 2005 to today, 10/6/2005 9:00 PM PDT, almost nonstop (did not break my 31 days record (got up to 18 days). Dang. I probably work record in working too many days and hours. I didn't break any weekly hours (not over 80 hours). Also, too many free meals of chicken. Ugh! I have enough chickens for now. Man, I am ready for hibernation.

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My Least Important Digit (Finger)...

/. has a poll about the least important digit/finger? I had to share a short true story about my past life with my least important digit/finger and most important digit/finger.

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It will be a very long summer for your overlord... (Last Updated: 9/24/2005)

Crunch time begins today (extra hours of working), and it is earlier than the last three years at Symantec. This summer should be a fun one especially with a lot of newbies in the group (I am the oldest member with one year experience for the product).

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Power Supply Unit (PSU) Death = Damaged System!

Ugh, I hate computers. Over a month ago, my old backup computer running Debian decided to stop working when I heard its fans spun down. I was unable to power on the system anymore. The system was idling (not compiling, downloading, etc.). I found out the Enlight 250 watts power supply died when I replaced it with an old stronger one. I also found out its 250 watts was on the border line for my Athlon XP system. It was fine for Intel P3 CPU setup. So, it took about seven months for the PSU to suicide. You can read the details in my old long newsgroup thread.

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I hate tonight! -- 2.5 hours commute, my lamp, and Bard's Tale demo installer.

Gah, I hate tonight! I needed to rant in here. :(

1. My commute home was almost 2.5 hours! That's a new record in my three years of work commutes with Symantec! It took almost 15 minutes to drive one mile on local street to hit the freeway. Plus, it is Spring Break! It supposed to be less traffic! Stupid rain and humans who can't drive! RAIN, PLEASE GO AWAY ON THE REGULAR BUSINESS DAYS. Actually, go away humans too. I didn't get home until 9:30 PM! The freeway was STILL crawling at 9 PM! ARGH! We need a working teleporters, and I don't care if I get mutations! :P

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"Rain, rain, please go away and come back another day..."

Another reason why I hate this rain (El Nino?). It is driving me and others bonker!

  1. The house's two phone lines are jacked up! The second one, for dial-up and Fax machine, has no dial tone!! First line has major noises (beeping and crackles). Ack!
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Happy Chinese New Year/Gung Xi Fa Tsai (Rooster) & Please Pray for Arimus...

It's the first day of Chinese New Year (Rooster) that lasts 15 days. Arimus had to go to ER for the third time recently. He is having severe dehyrdration, and the doctors don't know what is causing it.

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Wow, Santa Monica lost its power tonight!

My ride was about to take off with me tonight after 7:05 PM PST. While my ride driver was fiddling with his cellular phone, PDA, or something, I noticed things got darker. I thought it was the lights in the car, but it was outside! Woah, things got dark. A few places still had lights on. The streets got VERY congested due to the power outage. At the 10 east freeway, it was jammed. Traffic lights were blinking red lights. I noticed apartment buildings still had lights. Weird night. It took about 1.5 hours to get home. [sighs] Even the traffic reports guy said there was a power outage affecting the commutes at the end of the commute. :(

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The duck mate will die after its mate died/got killed...

Now, this was interesting and I didn't know this was a fact. It was also worth putting this blog on AQFL's front page! ;)

I was listening to an audio clip from yesterday's Insight for Living (1/13/2005) on the way home from work (1.75 hours commute!) with my father, and heard Chuck Swindoll sharing a story related to the remarriage sermon (didn't listen to the whole episode since I am not married yet!).

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