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Played Enemy Territory: Quake Wars beta.

Woohoo, I finally got a key to play Enemy Territory: Quake Wars beta.

At first, I wasn't impressed by the graphics, controls, etc. Then, the game started to hit me to like it more. I loved the original Return to Castle Wolfenstein (RTCW) and Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory (the free WWII one) games. I actually like playing the Stroggs side. Weird for me since I am not a fan of alien race.

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A brief review on Overlord demo for PC/Windows.

Blue's News and many other gaming Web sites mention a 1.1 GB Overlord demo for Windows/PCs. It is a fun game where you, the player, must rebuild your torned down area with the help of minions. This game has beautiful graphics, cute sheeps, humor, a neat theme, and a cool idea. Now, I want some loyal minions. :) I wonder how multiplayer plays.

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The basic principles of modern contracts...

A /. comment said the basic principles of modern contracts: "What the large print giveth, the small print taketh away."

So true

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Chickens are dumb. That's all I wanted to say for this blog entry. :)

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As a kid, I used to catch and keep cra(y/w)fishes as pets...

OK, time for a short story of my past part of my life. I had MANY weird and odd small pets (snails, ants, hermit crabs, crickets, praying mantis, pillbugs, fish, lizards, silkworms and silkmoths, etc.).

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Being sick sucks. :( That's all I have to say in this new blog. :P

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Looking for a new databank type of watch...

My Casio Data Bank 150 watch needed a new battery yesterday so it was replaced with a Radio Shack CR2016 3V/90mAh High Energy Lithium Battery. With John VanDyk's instructions and the official manual, removing the old battery was difficult. After placing it back, the watch was working but its date, time, and buttons (left side and light) weren't working. I didn't even see a "WAIT" as the manual says.

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Work anniversaries.

Wow, in about 5.5 hours (yes, I remember the times too), it will exactly be my fifth year (feels like a decade with all those overtime hours) at my current workplace<

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Sad day at work...

Another layoff at my workplace. So far, others and I in my team's software quality assurance (SQA) group are intact, but the outside of it is good. So far, I am still there.

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Need prayers again (2-related surgeries). =(

I just found out that my uncle (my dad's older sister's husband) has a colon cancer. He is going to undergo through a surgery this coming Tuesday. My dad said it is pretty bad. My grandparents, uncle, a cousin (his wife and kids), and I just saw him over a month ago (SuperBowl XLI) and he was happy and looked healthy to me. :(

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A prayer request for an old church friend who passed away yesterday.

My parents, old Chinese friends from an old Chinese church, and I found out that our friend's husband passed away yesterday from internal bleedings (had it for a while). Please kindly pray for them to get through this.

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A math pick-up line to use for someone who knows math...

"I wish you were sine squared and I was cosine squared so together we could be one." --a geek on a Beauty and the Geek season 3 episode.

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3 events that reshaped the world in the 20th century...

"3 events that reshaped the world in the 20th century: WW1, WW2, and WWW" --a /. comment.

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Did Digg's Kevin Rose say my nickname?!

I was instant messaged/IM'ed by a coworker today (yes, on a Sunday) about my name being mentioned on Diggnation AND on my birthday!

Session Start (antdude:coworker): Sun Jan 14 16:14:01 2007
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Back to work in the first week of a new year is like...

[01:15pm] WorkerAnt> ugh
[01:15pm] WorkerAnt> busy busy in the first week of 2007 :(
[01:28pm] * WorkerAnt sighs
01:37PM Mousey> it's like homework on the first day of school
[01:44pm] WorkerAnt> hahaha
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My Christmas 2006 and Birthday Wants List.

Just in case people can't decide what to get me for this Christmas 2006 and my upcoming birthday... Note this list (from most to least wanted) is subjected to change.

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A funny story about ad blockers for newspapers...

Ascus' Digg comment said, "Until I read this I never realized my dad was using ad blocker in the 1970's. His secretary would read the paper for him and cut out the articles she thought were of interest to him. She should tape them to a page and give him just the articles when he got out of his morning meeting. no ads or fluff articles. And he could keep up on events in 15-30 minutes total."

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Blue Man Group's How To Be a Megastar Tour v2.0

On 11/5/2006, I took my three buddies to Blue Man Group (BMG)'s How To Be A Megastar Tour in Honda Centre (formerly known as Arrowhead Pond) of Anaheim, CA. It was a total blast. This would be my second time I have seen BMG in person (first one was at Luxor in Las Vegas, NV.).

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DEFCON Game and Ant's Brief Review on Its Demo

I finally got to play this game called "DEFCON". The Web site says it is an online multiplayer (has single player against the AI computer) simulation of global thermonuclear war.

You play the role of a military commander hidden deep within an underground bunker. Your mission - to successfully exterminate your enemy's civilian population whilst disabling their ability to attack your own. Start by launching your battleships, submarines, jet fighters, and bombers in order to decimate your opponent's defences. Scramble together your alliances but remember only one can stand victorious.

Prepare your pre-emptive strike before one of your supposed allies gets the same idea. Choose the perfect moment for betrayal, obliterating your opponents with an apocalyptic thermonuclear barrage, but get it wrong and their devastating counter attack will bring you to your knees!

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NBC is doing a Heroes marathon on 10/22/2006 starting at 8:00 PM!

According to this's Marathon forum thread, Heroes will be showing all first three episodes nonstop (3 hours with commercials/spots/advertisements).

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