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Lots of broken web sites these days...

Yuku, Weather Underground, ICQ, NoNags, etc. It doesn't help that it is the holidays right now!

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Christmas again!

Merry Christmas and happy birthday, Jesus! He's older than all of us. :D

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Thursdays still suck.

This unemployed ant was going to hang out with an old college friend, but it was cancel(l)ed due to his family plans. Also, Ant had unexpected plans like annoying (Argentine) ants indoor (blame the cold rain to force them in), cleaning, loud noises, crappy sleep, getting dirty 12/twelve hours later after showering at 3:30 AM PST, doing Christmas family hangout a couple days earlier due to a retail work, etc.

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This year's e-mail holidays card's image...

An image
Ant also commented about his recent news as mentioned in the blogs on this old web site.

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This unemployed worker ant is still BUSY so far. Argh! :(

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"You will live to see your grandchildren." --Ant's daily email report's fortune. Prove it Ant says! :P

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Too many failures!

Since yesterday evening PST:

  • Accidently dropping clean sweat shirt's hood into a bucket of h2o/water.
  • Forgetting to turn on a security camera.
  • Missed the fast moving offer basket at church due to the announcements (no music?).
  • Almost lost a blue plastic paper clip in the moving sport utility vehicle.
  • Forgot to blind carbon copy an e(lectronic)-mail.
  • Forgetting to remove a huge dry booger from the right nostril and couldn't remove it in a church service until during prayer time in the dark.
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Empty and colder!

Ant's nest room is more emptier and colder (less head hair will not help later after 11 AM PST) without the work equipments. :(

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A fortune from today's daily report e-mail ...

"You are only young once, but you can stay immature indefinitely."

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Still dark!

Oops, your old insect passed out after 11:37 PM PST last night and then finally woke up at about 5:34 AM PST. It is still dark outside after 6:45 AM PST! :(

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Your dumb/stupid insect thought today was the (seco/2)nd Tuesday of the month. :(

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Dang spider!

Ant was getting ready to sleep by preparing the pillow, and a spider ran out under it. The spider escaped under the mattress. Argh!!

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2/Two weeks left...

... and this worker ant will be unemployed again. :(

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Gobble, gobble!

Happy Thanksgiving, Americans! Please be thankful today and every day! :D

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Ant's Christmas 2016 and Birthday 2017 W(ish/ANT) Lists.

Ahh, another year and minor changes from previous years again. No specific orders.

  • Peace, healthiness, <3, and :)ness for everyone including the old overlord.
  • Way less/No problems (technical, family, health, etc.). No fights, angers, etc.
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Thanks God It's Wednesday due to the upcoming four days weekend. ;)

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So early!

Everyone is sure sleeping early tonight like 8, 9, and 10 PM PST! :O Is it because of the cold rain weather? :P

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So many babies!

From friends, co-(lleague/worker)s, and relatives. Obviously, this 40 years old virgin ant hasn't created/made any due to the lack of female mate.

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Old school gamer Ant played some computer games recently!

Blue's News mentioned a free weekend of Overwatch game. This old school gamer decided to try it out since it was free and would be playable on this old gaming box with its almost month old, updated 64-bit Windows 7 Home Premium Edition (HPE) Service Pack (SP1) installation. and the game seems buggy, but then it might be the ancient hardwares. Lots of choppiness when too many things are going on. :( However, it was still kind of fun even though this old school gamer sucked badly. Ant likes being D.Va with her mech suit with heavy armor! Game was visually nice.

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Pulsar game!

Pulsar game is fun even though tedious of having to do every details in working on a space ship with the crew.

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