Your overlord had a weird X-Files+Matrix dream overnight...

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[08:34am] [Ant] I was dreaming I was with Fox Mulder and Dana Scully outside
          of a motel or something.
[08:34am] [Ant] I think it was a Matrix type.
08:34AM [grifter] Ant: you'
08:34AM [grifter] re wierd
[08:34am] [Ant] They thought it was a real world.
[08:34am] [Ant] I said no!
[08:34am] [Ant] Now that's a weird dream!
08:34AM [FngSaiYuk] whoa
08:34AM [FngSaiYuk] sounds like u want some mystery & excitement in your life
08:35AM [FngSaiYuk] u prolly just need 2 get laid
08:35AM [FngSaiYuk] :D
08:35AM [FngSaiYuk] that'll be $15 please
[08:35am] [Ant] Um, I am not gay.
[08:35am] [Ant] Give me a woman.
[08:37am] [Ant] to marry that is.
08:40AM [FngSaiYuk] that'll prolly be about $45k
08:40AM [FngSaiYuk] to get a woman 2 marry u

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