Your Overlord's Payday: The Heist Game Brief Review

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Blue's News mentioned a free gaming sampler weekend and a sale of Payday: The Heist. Your overlord got to play it within the last 30 minutes before its free sampler ended at 1:00 PM PDT, but the game kept going until logging out/exiting at about 2:30 PM PDT (about two hours of rare gaming!). It is basically a first perspective shooter (FPS) game that uses the action packed Left 4 Dead (L4D) game engine. Its theme is based on real life without zombies. Your overlord enjoyed L4D games a few years ago during their free weekends and liked this game's theme. The game theme had police, (special weapons and tactics (SWAT), hostages (tying their hands up!), tasers (ugh), snipers (annoying), guns, money, etc. The catch is that the players are the bad guys instead of the good guys. Your overlord played the bank (like The Heat and The Dark Knight movies' bank heits (even the clown masks!)), the chase in the city, and the bridge maps (cool rain and thunders). The game also has plenty of violence and cussings.

The game was fun even though some scenes were tedious for newbies in single players, but online multiplayer was a blast especially with those who already know how to play. There were weird minor annoying quirks like too many enemies that never stop, but overall it was fun. Your sick (actually stopped it from the game's intensity and fun for a few minutes!) BUSY overlord had no free time to play more nor plans to buy the game. :( Also, the game ran well on an old computer system. :)

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Also, Payday 2...

It was pretty much the same after playing a few hours with its free weekend. It had different missions, harder difficulties, achievements, awards, options, and graphics were better.
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Another Payday 2 free weekend!