Advertisements (ads.), retirement, etc. soon?

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Notes: Grifter is feeling sick (probably the flu like many people). WFH means "work from home". Also, remove AQFL to e-mail.

09:47AM [grifter] headed home
09:47AM [grifter] they are kicking me out
[09:47am] [Ant] AW SICK TOO?
09:47AM [Mousey] booo
[09:47am] [Ant] grifter no pay?
[09:47am] [Ant] WFH?
09:47AM [FngSaiYuk] u infectious?
09:47AM [Mousey] you got busted!
[09:47am] [Ant] fired?]
09:47AM [grifter] was authorized to WFH
09:47AM [Mousey] i'm still wfh sick
[09:47am] [Ant] laid off?
[09:47am] [Ant] ah cool
[09:47am] [Ant] Mousey wait, I thought you're not sick
09:48AM [Mousey] well if intel ever ditches you, you got a place in seattle
[09:48am] [Ant] My coworkers were/are sick.
[09:48am] [Ant] haha
09:48AM [Mousey] at least a couple actually
09:48AM [Mousey] =P
[09:48am] [Ant] Mousey what if SYMC ditches me?
09:48AM [Mousey] Ant: come to seattle!
[09:48am] [Ant] What if I don't want to move?
09:48AM [Mousey] oh, then retire!
09:48AM [Mousey] sheesh
[09:48am] [Ant] What about $$?
[09:48am] [Ant] Leech from you?
09:48AM [Mousey] we'll put ads on aqfl
09:48AM [Mousey] you can leach from the internet
[09:48am] [Ant] haha
[09:49am] [Ant] But those won't pay for my $700+ per month medical bills.
[09:49am] [Ant] Yes $700+ now. :(
[09:49am] [Ant] $712.00 to be exact.