Magicka game's free weekend, a playable demo(nstration), and your overlord's brief review.

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Blue's News (#1 and #2) mentioned a free weekend (ends on Sunday, 20th, at 1:00 PM PST) and a playable demo(nstration) of Magicka from Steam. Since it was a free weekend of the full game, your overlord decided to play it on the long weekend (took Friday off). Here's the brief review of it for mostly single player:

Your old tired overlord was expecting to be like Diablo type of games after seeing funny videos and gameplays due to mostly positive reviews. After about 85 minutes of playing, this cartoonish game was indeed fun and funny. However, it can be frustrating with learning how to use magic spell combinations and playing solo. The boss level part was difficult, and your overlord probably needed faster clicks (old, tired, and slow) and co-op(erative) players to help out. Other game options were interesting too, and are nice. Online adventure games were all one slot so no play! :( Hopefully, your overlord can play more later this weekend (finish it?) before the freebie ends. ;)

Also, the game played very well on an over three years old primary system. :D

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Played some more today!

Even after the 1:00 PM PST deadline (don't quit/exit the game before it). Online play didn't work even with quick match, but finally passed the goblin boss level. Sheesh. Got all the way to the next chapter to the tree (Ents?) and giggling wizards boss level. Ugh! The flying ship level was fun before it though!

OK, controls got annoying and trying to figure out the spell combinations to use for each enemy. Argh! Not a bad game, but frustrating. Co-operative has to be useful in these cases. Oh well.
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