Old Windows XP Pro SP3 desktop computer just blew up!

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Your tired worker ant came home, turned the old Windows XP Pro(fessional) service pack (SP)3 desktop computer on, paid another expensive monthly cable Internet bill, heard loud crack/popp)ing noises (thought it was the queen ant making firecracker type noises), saw and heard the computer shut down, looked at it closer, heard more scary loud noises, smelled and saw smokes from the rear Corsair CMPSU-650TX 650 power supply unit (PSU) area, heard more loud noises, and then quickly turned off PSU switch and unplugged power cable to avoid a fire or whatever. That incident scared the crap out of this fearful ant. Ugh, the room smelled bad with smokes and rubber. Did it kill the hardware parts too? Not a good night. :(

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Whew, old desktop computer is not damaged...

... your insect's hardware computer friend replaced with a new ANTec HCG-620M PSU. We'll see how long this one will last!
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