2/Two funny images related to computer tech(nical) support.

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Note: This will get (dirt/raunch)y/sewer. ;)

10:01AM [Mousey] https://imgur.com/gallery/is0Kk9y
10:01AM [Flexo] [Link Info] title: "But... Plugging in cables is so hard!" -
10:02AM [Mousey] buttplugging cables are actually pretty flexible
10:06AM [m4tic] I ahve a lenovo with a esata right next to the usb... I give
          it the ole' reach around and am like: "wtf, why is this usb not
          working"... Oh, i put it in the wrong hole (again)
10:08AM [FngSaiYuk (remove AQFL to e-mail] hope it enjoyed it
10:08AM [FngSaiYuk] and didn't slap u instead
10:09AM [m4tic] always go slow
10:09AM [FngSaiYuk] and always w/lube
10:09AM [FngSaiYuk] plenty of lube
10:09AM [m4tic] hehe
10:29AM [Mousey] https://xkcd.com/627/
10:29AM [Flexo] [Link Info] title: xkcd: Tech Support Cheat Sheet
10:30AM [Mousey] think i might just print this out
[11:11am] [WorkerAnt] Mousey & ulic: funny plugging in cables. My problem are
          screws and other locks (network ports) of those cables. :(
11:12AM [Mousey] uh huh
11:12AM [Mousey] jo
11:12AM [Mousey] ...
[11:12am]  Coax cables are the worse.