3/Three Flash Games: Twenty, Agar.io, and/& SUPER HOTline Miami

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Reddit shared a few top rated Flash games within the last month:

  • Sossles shared a Flash number puzzle game titled "Twenty/20". Your insect only got 10/ten points. :(
  • Brega shared Agar -- "Move your mouse to control your cell. Press space to divide." Eat those smaller ones and avoid the big ones. Your ant only lasted about ten/10 minutes and never got big into the top five/5 ranking. :(
  • Dynaflame shared a shooter game titled "SUPER HOTline Miami with shooting in both fast and slow motions. Your sucky player only got to level 2/two. Bah!

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AGAR.IO (Teens React: Gaming)

The Fine Bros shared an almost 11/eleven minutes YouTube video -- "The TEENS play AGAR.IO!! Watch to see who comes out on top as the teens play this super addicting game!"
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