The Windows Start menu saga, from 1993 to today.

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This Ars Technica article says "One of Windows 10's biggest 'new'" features has a pedigree that spans two decades.

One of the first Windows 10 features we learned about was the return of the Start menu, which is sort of funny, since the concept of the Start menu is over two decades old. Microsoft tried to replace it with the Start screen in Windows 8, and you only have to look at the adoption numbers to see how most consumers and businesses felt about it.

The Start menu has changed a lot over the years, but there are a handful of common elements that have made it all the way from Windows 95 to Windows 10. We fired up some virtual machines and traveled back in time to before there was a Start menu to track its evolution from the mid '90s to now.

Your old school computer user started with Windows v3.0 when there was no Start menu!

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The History of Windows Start Button

/. shared a Business Insider article on the "History of Windows Start button ... 20 years later, the Start menu is still with us, making headlines once again as a key part of Windows 10..."
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