Do you use ink refills in your inkjet printer(s)?

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Ant's (1/Fir)st Time With an Inkjet Refill...

Recently, the curious ant just did this to see how good/bad it is. The Costco gal seems to have put too much inks since there some there were blue ink leaks while trying to get it out of its plastic holder (difficult!). The refilled color 97 inks' quality weren't that good. Some wrong colors, blurriness, edges between lines (not solid), etc. Ant tried cleaning with various levels, setting to higher quality (was low), trying various tests, etc. Also, no current status as noted in the software and Costco's postcard.

For now, it will do but in the future Ant will not use these color refill types even if it is cheap for about 11 bucks. However, a black inkjet refill will be tried since it is only black color.

Also, a laser printer if Ant ever replaces this huge and heavy eleven/11 years old Hewlett Packard (HP) PhotoSmart 8450 inkjet printer. :(
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