Worst temporary physical illness ever!

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It was during this old ant's high school's teen(ager) years ((ju/se)nior) in the early (19)90s. Ant had the worst illness infection ever from memory. This easy to get sick bug got the usual cold/flu, but vomited a lot, grew bumps on the skins like the fingers, skins peeled even on the penis, diarrheas, hair losses, etc. Funny, Ant still went to church that first Sunday and school daily (never took a day off -- a bad idea). This crazy insect even vomited during paperbag lunch in front of a friend (he saw it!). Oops! One late afteroon at home, the tummy was hurting so badly that the ant collapsed in an upstair room in pain for a few minutes. That was scary! :( Ant saw the old local doctor and got a shot on the arse(?). This whole illness lasted over a couple weeks or so.