HyperText Markup Language (HTML) 5 versus/vs. Flash in a game of Pong.

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LinuxToday and Geek.com share an amusing interactive game (requires one of the newer web browser versions) of Pong with both Flash and HyperText Markup Language (HTML) 5 technologies -- "The Flash versus/vs. HTML5 debate has caused much discussion over the recent months and it certainly got us thinking ... We believe the two technologies are not in competition and each have their purpose, but thought it might be amusing to actually put them in direct competition."

[Revised the post due to an external web site's request. --antdude]

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Well, that made me play Pong

Well, that made me play Pong with myself for a few minutes.
It's a bit buggy but very cool to see it working like that.
Oh, and Html beat Flash 8 to 3.

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Yeah, cool idea. It would be nice to have online play or computer playing too.
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