The State of the Demoscene: 1991 - 2011. Also, Demoscene Research.

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In Gloom Pouet BBS thread mentioned his blog on "the state of the demoscene: 1991 - 2011". It has a lot of details like graphs.

Also, Marq mentioned his Demoscene Research -- "scientific material concerning the demo culture. Demoscene Research is a collection of scientific material concerning the demo culture, also known as the scene. Major part of the page is an extensive bibliography of demo-related books, theses, articles and online material. We also maintain a list of researchers who have studied the scene. News and demo-related discussions are disseminated in the blog on the front page. There is also a related newsgroup, Demo Research, where we post the most important news so that you can read and discuss them by email..."

Your old fart overlord joined the demoscene in 1993 (darn, should had started way before that but the former machines sucked for it) on a custom built new 486 DX2/66 with Future Crew's Second Reality (the winner of Assembly/ASM in 1993.