Rest in peace (RIP), Grungy/Neil/Skakinlee.

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Your overlord just found out that one (Ken aka Grungy/Neil/Skakinlee) of a local bulletin board systems (BBS) [Jungle II [archived since it's gone]] friends passed away last month. He was diagnosed with a kidney cancer. His treatments were mostly working, but the cancer still won. Ant played him a lot online with Command & Conquer (C&C), MajorMUD, Dune 2000/2K, Action Quake 2 (AQ2), etc. since the the mid 1990s/90s. Your overlord was wondering why lack of replies and sightings from him. He was only 39/40 with a wife and a very young (only a few years old) daughter. :~(

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A Depressing/Sad Dream

Your overlord was dreaming about him was still alive and beat his kidney cancer. Then, the happiness ended after waking up. :~(
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