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Lucasfilm unveils new 'Star Wars' title and other goodies...

Yay! Lucasfilm announced the third movie title and news from the Comic-Con International 2004.

As Anakin Skywalker kid says, "Yipee!"

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We Add Splice To Life

We Add Splice To Life is an amusing sight seeing place. Just go there and view each animation. Thanks Blue's News. :)

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Picture of the Day: Google Circa 1960

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Are You Annoying (to Co-Workers)?

From a /. story, Computerworld has an interesting article about irritating behaviors annoy your co-workers. Also, they can also compromise your effectiveness and even derail your career.

My rant: I know I can be annoying to everyone, but it seems like that is something you can't avoid. I am not a perfect human (I wish I was perfect). Even non-living organisms can be annoying.

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Cats and Graduate Students: A Comparison

I saw this funny Web page in today's User Friendly as its link of the day.

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Worth 1000's Cliche Hell 8 - Movie Miscasting Contest has a Cliche Hell 8 - Movie Miscasting theme for today's doctored pictures. Some of them are quite funny. :)

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K.I.T.T. Car from Knight Rider on eBay

Hey! Does anyone here have over $40K so I can bid on KITT? At least he can transport me around!

"KITT, please take me to work!"
"Yes, Master Ant." :)

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Can you imagine this in traffic?

I can't imagine seeing this as a part of Los Angeles' sucky traffic.

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Battlefield: Pirates Beta v3.1 Released


Ahoy lads, Battlefield: Pirates v3.1 Beta mod be out includin' t' patch for v3.0. You need a Battlefield 1942 game t' play this mod! Arrr!

Thanks to English-to-Pirate translator so I can sound like a pirate.

7/24/2004 5:16 AM PDT (yup, up too late):
GameSpy has a funny article about this neat mod. It even made fun of the poor chickens that I mentioned earlier in the week.

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Funny Foreign TV Commerical of the Day

I hope I never get drunk and ending up like this guy. DOH!

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G4techTV's History of DOOM Video

| | | | |

G4techTV did an Icons episode #310 on the history of DOOM. You can grab one of the links from Blue's News story or here (143 MB zipped) that I used.

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Ever seen a female Imperial Storm Trooper before?

You will after seeing this photograph. I saw this link from forum thread. Oh and there a few more in here. :P

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Mainly for mousey or anyone who likes to be grossed out...

Click here to see a dead rat in a computer. Eewww!

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Since Ant is being slow with the news this morning...

here's a choice /. comment he's found.. I kinda like it. =)

-10:45- Mousey a poem for you from /.

-10:45- Some Guinness was spilt on the bar-room floor

-10:45- Just around closing one night,

-10:45- And a wee little mousie crept out of his hole

-10:45- And into the pale moonlight.

-10:45- He lapped up all of that dark frothy brew

-10:45- And back on his haunches he sat,

-10:45- And all the night long you could hear that mouse roar,

-10:45- "Bring on that god-damned cat!"

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Do you have a RSS reader?

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Aah, RSS feed for AntDot

At last, our collective email boxes will know some repreive.. Note the pretty orange XML icon to the left? RSS feeds! Yay!! Now we can know what the haps is on the Ant front without a trillion deletedeletedeletedelete.. Yay technology! =)

Thanks a ton to KaT.. (=

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How Apple's iPod was born...

Wired has an interesting article on how Apple's iPod was born. I will get my own iPod one of these days. ;)

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A Blonde Locked Herself In a Car

OK, blonde joke time! Listen to it (1.2 MB). It's funny! [shakes head] :P

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Mousey's tail...

Just being silly...
because of an IRC conversation:

11:05AM <Mousey> that should be (posting)
[11:11am] * WorkerAnt posts mousey's tail
11:12AM <Mousey> weee!
11:12AM <Mousey> my tail's famous!!
[11:19am] <WorkerAnt> =P

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Congress Cuts NASA's Budget On Apollo Anniversary

Slashdot has an article about Congress cutting NASA's budget on Apollo anniversary.