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o/~ This land is your land, this land is my land... o/~

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Now, this is a funny Flash music video (local copy; 3.8 MB) making fun of George W. Bush and John Kerry for the presidential race. I have seen it twice already and I was ROFL'ing even though I am not into politics!

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New Movie Trailer to check out: Sky Captain And the World Of Tomorrow

Apple has a new trailer and exclusive clip for Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow movie. See here. It sure looks pretty. I think the story will suck. Got to love those giant robots!! Oh well!

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Funny cartoon of the day!

Saw this in a thread in's security forum this morning: (you will have to copy and paste this URL to view it if you saw Barney -- darn referrals).

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Hell is coming!

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Prepare yourself, DOOM 3 went gold yesterday! It will hit the stores in the first week of August of 2004! Here's a funny cartoon from UserFriendly that fits me. :)

And yes, Linux people can play! Happy, Mousey? ;)

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Hello world, my precious people...


This is MY very first story ever! OK, as the comic guy from The Simpsons would say, "The WORSE STORY EVER!"

Oh and Mousey told me to say, "Hi Dayna!". ;)