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Battlefield: Pirates Beta v3.1 Released


Ahoy lads, Battlefield: Pirates v3.1 Beta mod be out includin' t' patch for v3.0. You need a Battlefield 1942 game t' play this mod! Arrr!

Thanks to English-to-Pirate translator so I can sound like a pirate.

7/24/2004 5:16 AM PDT (yup, up too late):
GameSpy has a funny article about this neat mod. It even made fun of the poor chickens that I mentioned earlier in the week.

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G4techTV's History of DOOM Video

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G4techTV did an Icons episode #310 on the history of DOOM. You can grab one of the links from Blue's News story or here (143 MB zipped) that I used.

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Far Cry v1.2 Patch is Out!


Get it from here. It also includes the changelog.

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New NVIDIA v61.76 drivers for Windows!


Go get them. Release notes can be read here (PDF).

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Remember Half-Life game? Of course you do!


Aww, how cute!! I want one for my house! ;)

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Massive dance-numbers from Star Wars Galaxies

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Boing Boing has video clips (WMV) with stunning, massively coordinated dance numbers from the Star Wars Galaxies universe, where dozens of players and their familiars rock out in Bollywood-scale, beautifully edited sequences:

  • I Get Knocked Down
  • Fett's Vette
  • Ice Ice Baby
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The Sad State of the PC Audio Industry

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Sudhian Media has an article about the current state of the PC Audio Industry is, in nicer terms, completely pathetic. By PC Audio Industry, the author refers to manufacturers of add in sound cards and motherboard manufacturers that integrate audio.

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Hell is coming!

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Prepare yourself, DOOM 3 went gold yesterday! It will hit the stores in the first week of August of 2004! Here's a funny cartoon from UserFriendly that fits me. :)

And yes, Linux people can play! Happy, Mousey? ;)

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