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Updated Microsoft PowerToys for Windows XP Home and Professional (9/24/2004)

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Updated Microsoft PowerToys for Windows XP Professional and Home. They are additional programs that developers work on after a product has been released to manufacturing. They add fun and functionality to the Windows experience.

Important Notes:

  • If you installed PowerToys prior to April 23, 2002, you must uninstall your old PowerToys before installing the versions available here.
  • PowerToys will only work with US-English regional settings.
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8088 Corruption (Final Release) Demo for DOS (DOSBox supported)

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According to this newsgroup thread and thread, 8088 Corruption (Final Release) demo was Jim Leonard's entry that won in a programming contest, Pilgrimage 2004 Wild Compo. The goal was to produce something "impressive" on an original IBM PC. It was a 9K program file with a 9MB data file that plays a 2-minute-long video, 30 frames per second, full-screen, in 16 colors, with FM-radio-quality audio, on nothing more than a regular IBM PC with a hard drive and Sound Blaster 2.0 or Pro card (requires 2.0 or Pro because the original old 1.0 and 1.5 cards don't support auto-init DMA).

He presented it on his IBM Model 5150 (rev "B") with 640KB total RAM, MS-DOS 6.22, Seagate ST-225 MFM 20MB drive, and Sound Blaster Pro set to IRQ 2, DMA 1, port 220h. All five slots were filled: Sound Blaster, CGA card, AST SixPackPlus (RAM and port expansion), Floppy
controller, and MFM HD controller. That's it -- no DRAM refresh tricks, no NEC V20, no upping the clock, no mathco -- just a stock PC.

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Disabilities Act doesn't cover Web, court says.

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According to ZDNet's story, Web publishers are not required to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), a federal appeals court has ruled.

This is not going to improve the usability and accessiblity on the Web, especially for people with disabilities like me. :(

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First JPEG/JPG Virus Posted To Usenet

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Just saw this announcement on /.. It says: "This could possibly be the worst viruses yet! Earlier this month Microsoft announced a problem in their GDI driver that processes the way JPEG images are displayed. Someone has finally posted an exploit to Usenet. Easynews, a premium Usenet provider, found the virus Sunday afternoon. Up-to-date information about how we found it and what it does is located at When this picture is viewed it installs remote management software (winvnc and radmin) and will connect to irc."

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TiVo Software uses gdiplus.dll

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According to NTBugtraq's article, TiVo has software package that allows a user to setup an Image and Audio server on their PC. When connected to the same LAN as the TiVo it allows the image and audio files to be viewed on a TV via the TiVo DVR. The software uses gdiplus.dll file that has a JPEG parsing engine. It might contain an exploitable buffer overflow as seen in online security news.

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3-hour radio breakdown in Southern CA airports caused by forgotten reboot in a MS software.

|'s story says that someone forgot to reboot due to a bug in a Microsoft system. It was compounded by human error was ultimately responsible for a three-hour radio breakdown that left hundreds of aircraft aloft without guidance on Tuesday, according to a report in the L.A. Times (story (registration required))...

The newspaper said that a Microsoft-based replacement for an older Unix system needed to be reset every thirty days 'to prevent data overload', as a result of problems found when the system was first rolled out. However, a technician failed to perform the reset at the right time and an internal clock within the system subsequently shut it down. A back-up system also failed.

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