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PA Sues College That Gave Cat an MBA

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The Pennsylvania attorney general's office Monday sued an online university for allegedly selling bogus academic degrees — including an MBA awarded to a cat. Trinity Southern University in Texas, a cellular company and the two brothers who ran them are accused of misappropriating Internet addresses of the state Senate and more than 60 Pennsylvania businesses to sell fake degrees and prescription drugs by spam e-mail, according to the lawsuit.

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The real reason the Internet is safe...

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A Broadband Reports user (BeeTeas) found Peter Packet. Peter can dodge viruses, evade hackers, the whole nine yards. That is the real reason why the Internet is safe!

There is a cool introduction, music, games, informative stuff (educational), etc. Quite amusing. You need Flash to view it. I never knew network security could be so fun! Thanks Cisco for the humor!

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Amateur Revolution

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Fast Company's article mentions that the networks of amateurs are displacing the pros and spawning some of the greatest innovations from from astronomy to computing.

Rap inflects global popular culture from music to fashion. Linux poses a real threat to Microsoft. The Sims is among the most popular computer games ever.

These far-flung developments have all been driven by Pro-Ams -- committed, networked amateurs working to professional standards. Pro-Am workers, their networks and movements, will help reshape society in the next two decades.

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Funny & Informative: Posting & You!

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FngSaiYuk sent me a funny Macromedia Flash animation. It is a funny and educational animation on Posting and You. It is about learning how to post on message boards and forums without being an idiot.

I might have to link this when adding comment/forum/message board rules. :)

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