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'Twas The Night Before Doom

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While some of us are waiting for DOOM, we should read 'Twas The Night Before Doom by DeadJester.

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The real truth why Google went IPO...

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Click here to find out why. It is a good reason! [grin]

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Something Awful's Phake Games 4

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Something Awful has its fourth doctored images of fake games for this week. Some of them are funny. Be warned that some of them are pretty bad (tasteless).

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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Repbulic II: The Sith Lords Trailer Released!

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The trailer is out for this upcoming game. You can watch it over here.

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G4techTV's History of DOOM Video

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G4techTV did an Icons episode #310 on the history of DOOM. You can grab one of the links from Blue's News story or here (143 MB zipped) that I used.

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Peasant's Quest Game Trailer (spoof old gaming days)


LOL! Homestar Runner does it again with its spoof. It is now Peasant's Quest.

Hint: There is an Easter egg in the end of the trailer. It's invisible so watch your mouse cursor when you search for it. ;)

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Hell is coming!

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Prepare yourself, DOOM 3 went gold yesterday! It will hit the stores in the first week of August of 2004! Here's a funny cartoon from UserFriendly that fits me. :)

And yes, Linux people can play! Happy, Mousey? ;)

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