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Star Wars Fan Film Awards (2004)

AtomFilms has posted the winners for Star Wars Fan Film Awards for this year. A lot of good ones.

My personal favorite one is the Recruitment. It is a must see funny parody video for all Star Wars fans! Here's the description:

"Looking for a new job? One with excitement and adventure? Then watch this recruitment video for the Empire and learn about openings with crack Stormtrooper special forces, TIE fighter pilots and the Imperial Navy."

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We Add Splice To Life

We Add Splice To Life is an amusing sight seeing place. Just go there and view each animation. Thanks Blue's News. :)

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Funny Foreign TV Commerical of the Day

I hope I never get drunk and ending up like this guy. DOH!

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o/~ Time to set MS on fire... o/~ -- Run Linspire Music Video

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OK, this music video, in Flash, is a hilarious spoof of The Doors' Light My Fire song. I saw this in a /. comment just now.

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Peasant's Quest Game Trailer (spoof old gaming days)


LOL! Homestar Runner does it again with its spoof. It is now Peasant's Quest.

Hint: There is an Easter egg in the end of the trailer. It's invisible so watch your mouse cursor when you search for it. ;)

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Massive dance-numbers from Star Wars Galaxies

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Boing Boing has video clips (WMV) with stunning, massively coordinated dance numbers from the Star Wars Galaxies universe, where dozens of players and their familiars rock out in Bollywood-scale, beautifully edited sequences:

  • I Get Knocked Down
  • Fett's Vette
  • Ice Ice Baby
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o/~ This land is your land, this land is my land... o/~

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Now, this is a funny Flash music video (local copy; 3.8 MB) making fun of George W. Bush and John Kerry for the presidential race. I have seen it twice already and I was ROFL'ing even though I am not into politics!

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