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We Add Splice To Life

We Add Splice To Life is an amusing sight seeing place. Just go there and view each animation. Thanks Blue's News. :)

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Funny Foreign TV Commerical of the Day

I hope I never get drunk and ending up like this guy. DOH!

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o/~ Time to set MS on fire... o/~ -- Run Linspire Music Video

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OK, this music video, in Flash, is a hilarious spoof of The Doors' Light My Fire song. I saw this in a /. comment just now.

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Peasant's Quest Game Trailer (spoof old gaming days)


LOL! Homestar Runner does it again with its spoof. It is now Peasant's Quest.

Hint: There is an Easter egg in the end of the trailer. It's invisible so watch your mouse cursor when you search for it. ;)

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Massive dance-numbers from Star Wars Galaxies

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Boing Boing has video clips (WMV) with stunning, massively coordinated dance numbers from the Star Wars Galaxies universe, where dozens of players and their familiars rock out in Bollywood-scale, beautifully edited sequences:

  • I Get Knocked Down
  • Fett's Vette
  • Ice Ice Baby
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o/~ This land is your land, this land is my land... o/~

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Now, this is a funny Flash music video (local copy; 3.8 MB) making fun of George W. Bush and John Kerry for the presidential race. I have seen it twice already and I was ROFL'ing even though I am not into politics!

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