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Funny Dr. Fun Cartoon (8/2/2004): Ever wondered what fish think of the decorations?

Dr. Fun is early today with his Monday cartoon:

Click on the thumbnail to make the cartoon bigger and read its caption. I always wonder what fish thought about those decorations. ;)

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If you see da' police...

Here is a funny photograph, based on Warner Bros.'s logo, from a forum thread. Here it is:

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The real truth why Google went IPO...

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Click here to find out why. It is a good reason! [grin]

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Something Awful's Phake Games 4

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Something Awful has its fourth doctored images of fake games for this week. Some of them are funny. Be warned that some of them are pretty bad (tasteless).

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Happy Birthday KaT!

KaT as two years old!


Maybe KaT needs a birthday party, but then he probably won't like it according to this cartoon. [grin]

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6 Pictures of the Day

Some of these pictures (picked the ones I haven't seen before/don't remember) might be old to some of you! #1, #2, #3, #4, #5 (Mousey busted for doing something naughty!), and » read more | login to post comments

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Horror of office stuff...

Sometimes I feel like this gal (3 MB PNG image file) with work, especially with computers! :(

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"That's no space station, it's a moon!"

Woah! That photograph in the story is freaky! Maybe Star Wars is real!

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Picture of the Day: Google Circa 1960

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Worth 1000's Cliche Hell 8 - Movie Miscasting Contest has a Cliche Hell 8 - Movie Miscasting theme for today's doctored pictures. Some of them are quite funny. :)

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Can you imagine this in traffic?

I can't imagine seeing this as a part of Los Angeles' sucky traffic.

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Ever seen a female Imperial Storm Trooper before?

You will after seeing this photograph. I saw this link from forum thread. Oh and there a few more in here. :P

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Mousey's tail...

Just being silly...
because of an IRC conversation:

11:05AM <Mousey> that should be (posting)
[11:11am] * WorkerAnt posts mousey's tail
11:12AM <Mousey> weee!
11:12AM <Mousey> my tail's famous!!
[11:19am] <WorkerAnt> =P

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o/~ Time to set MS on fire... o/~ -- Run Linspire Music Video

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OK, this music video, in Flash, is a hilarious spoof of The Doors' Light My Fire song. I saw this in a /. comment just now.

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Remember Half-Life game? Of course you do!


Aww, how cute!! I want one for my house! ;)

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Massive dance-numbers from Star Wars Galaxies

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Boing Boing has video clips (WMV) with stunning, massively coordinated dance numbers from the Star Wars Galaxies universe, where dozens of players and their familiars rock out in Bollywood-scale, beautifully edited sequences:

  • I Get Knocked Down
  • Fett's Vette
  • Ice Ice Baby
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o/~ This land is your land, this land is my land... o/~

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Now, this is a funny Flash music video (local copy; 3.8 MB) making fun of George W. Bush and John Kerry for the presidential race. I have seen it twice already and I was ROFL'ing even though I am not into politics!

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Funny cartoon of the day!

Saw this in a thread in's security forum this morning: (you will have to copy and paste this URL to view it if you saw Barney -- darn referrals).

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Hell is coming!

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Prepare yourself, DOOM 3 went gold yesterday! It will hit the stores in the first week of August of 2004! Here's a funny cartoon from UserFriendly that fits me. :)

And yes, Linux people can play! Happy, Mousey? ;)

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